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gay teen chat at the gay youth corner

About us

gaydarguys.comRead Below to find out more about this chat room service. This page is particularly useful for parents who may have some concerns.

Is my child at risk?
Using the interenet can be a risky business for anyone, and so we take it that parents take the lead role in safeguarding their children as they see fit.

This is a moderated chat room for internet users aged between 13-25 years old. We attract people from all over the world and form part of an international gay youth website called The Gay Youth Corner (

The gay youth corner is one of the most popular destinations for gay teens, attracting thousands of visitors each day. It provides useful advice couched in a homely and well designed community space. This chat room forms part of that community.

This website has been seperated out from the main GYC website for ease of use and accessability.

We feel that amongst all the possible community websites for young people, ours is amongst the safest. This is because we strictly moderage and log all activity that occurs, and act on reports and suspiscious activity. However, we also appreciate and know the world wide web to be a new technology such that it is not entirely safeguarded. No website, no matter how good and no matter what kind, attracts - at times - unwanted attention. So whilst we feel our website is safer than most and encourage users to engage with it, we also encourage users and their parents (where applicable) to engage with the risks of the internet and make pro-active decisions about their safety.

Click here for more about The Gay Youth Corner.

Contact information, full terms and privacy policy can be found on our main website.